The Third Act Podcast – Episode 66

Episode 66

On the sixty-sixth episode of THE THIRD ACT PODCAST, the hills are alive with the sound of The Third Act Podcast! Christian is back form the Telluride Film Festival and has much to discuss including films, atmosphere and who Rooney Mara is dating. For the reviews, the gang discusses the unique female perspective of THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL and are stuck in (Alex Ross) Perry Purgatory for a review of his psychological thriller QUEEN OF EARTH. We also briefly discuss cannibalism, bestiality and neo nazis for END OF THE TOUR, MISTRESS AMERICA and Pier Paolo Pasolini's PIGSTY (Ok, those topics only came up for the Pasolini film). Enjoy! [playlist images="false" tracklist="false" artists="false" tracks="" dload="y" captions="The Third Act Podcast"]

THE THIRD ACT PODCAST is what happens when three film nerds get together in the wee hours of the night inside a cold garage and launch into movie-related discussions and reviews. A true "lo-fi" podcast with a no-string budget, THE THIRD ACT PODCAST is dedicated to highlighting the third act of movies, which could either make or break the cinematic experience. So cozy up with your favorite glass of cheap wine and enjoy Christian, Armando, and Jericho's long-winded forays into all things film!