The Third Act Podcast – Bonus Episode 17

Bonus Episode 17

On this bonus episode of THE THIRD ACT PODCAST, two-thirds of the crew chime in from an unnamed country to start an unnamed conflict about the Netflix original film, BEASTS OF NO NATION. Cary Fukunaga infuses a lot of style and Idris Elba is a commanding screen presence, but Jericho and Christian can find little else to agree on. There are a couple of failed attempts to lighten the mood while discussing this heavy and serious film, but there is still a search to find a noteworthy dance scene. Whether you think Agu's story is brought to life as a brilliantly realized experience or a failed attempt to follow in the footsteps of its obvious inspirations, enjoy this discussion and pick a side. [playlist images="false" tracklist="false" artists="false" tracks="" dload="y" captions="The Third Act Podcast"]

THE THIRD ACT PODCAST is what happens when three film nerds get together in the wee hours of the night inside a cold garage and launch into movie-related discussions and reviews. A true "lo-fi" podcast with a no-string budget, THE THIRD ACT PODCAST is dedicated to highlighting the third act of movies, which could either make or break the cinematic experience. So cozy up with your favorite glass of cheap wine and enjoy Christian, Armando, and Jericho's long-winded forays into all things film!