The Third Act Podcast – Episode 57

Episode 57

On the fifty-seventh episode of THE THIRD ACT PODCAST, the crew argue about chore wheels, making a bloody mess while biting victims, and confronting a pack of roving werewolves with a review of the vampire mockumentary WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. Then, after a road trip to the cinema in which time was of the essence and bladders were in danger mode, the podcasters settle into a discussion of road rage, social class commentary, and unhinged wedding ceremonies with Damián Szifron's anthology mashup WILD TALES. Plus, the Auteurography segment is back with a brand new filmmaker; Pier Paolo Pasolini and his gritty 1961 debut ACCATTONE.


THE THIRD ACT PODCAST is what happens when three film nerds get together in the wee hours of the night inside a cold garage and launch into movie-related discussions and reviews. A true "lo-fi" podcast with a no-string budget, THE THIRD ACT PODCAST is dedicated to highlighting the third act of movies, which could either make or break the cinematic experience. So cozy up with your favorite glass of cheap wine and enjoy Christian, Armando, and Jericho's long-winded forays into all things film!