Best Films of 2014

This was the year of the cinematic marathon, as I plunged deep into every filmic nook and cranny I could crawl inside, coming out with a whopping total of 200 films viewed that were released in 2014. Lest you consider me utterly insane (which I probably am), somehow I was able to condense that number down to my 25; a task, ultimately, which feels at least partially irrelevant given how many strong films got left out. Still, I am very proud of the flicks that made the cut. So, without further ado, here are my favorite 25 films of 2014!

by Jericho Cerrona January 31, 2015

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With Under The Skin, director Jonathan Glazer has crafted the year's most extraordinary cinematic experience. If one is looking for a story with identifiable characters; look elsewhere. If one hopes to hear interesting dialogue, then this won't be your bag. If one wishes to indulge in sexual imagery or violence, well, there’s a bit of that, but it’s never delivered in a way meant to titillate. Instead, Glazer's atmospheric sci-fi parable about an alien being (played in a revelatory performance by Scarlett Johansson) shows us things we’ve never seen before in a way that feels thrillingly vital and new. For that and many other reasons, Under The Skin is the best film of 2014.
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