Best Albums of 2014

2014 may not have been a year where something comes out of nowhere or a particular album grabs the cultural zeitgeist while at the same time appealing to my sensibilities, but it did reconfirm certain artists who have crafted terrific work in the past as well as introduced me to a few under the radar gems. So, without further ado, I entreat you to indulge in the auditory smorgasbord that is my favorite 25 albums of 2014! The year has come and gone, but the music lingers.

by Jericho Cerrona January 12, 2015

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Sunbathing Animal Parquet Courts
After the invigorating Americana/post-punk thrust of last year's Light Up Gold, Parquet Courts craft another winner with a more varied and complex record that's still played with a laconic vibe the outfit is known for. Hearing frontman Andrew Savage shout "bodies made up/slugs and guts!" on the blistering opener "Bodies" is a highlight, as is the overall sound of a band emerging from their shell while still making atonal guitar-driven rock music by their own rules.
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