Best Albums of 2014

2014 may not have been a year where something comes out of nowhere or a particular album grabs the cultural zeitgeist while at the same time appealing to my sensibilities, but it did reconfirm certain artists who have crafted terrific work in the past as well as introduced me to a few under the radar gems. So, without further ado, I entreat you to indulge in the auditory smorgasbord that is my favorite 25 albums of 2014! The year has come and gone, but the music lingers.

by Jericho Cerrona
January 12, 2015

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Pom Pom Ariel Pink
Provocateur Ariel Pink's latest madcap opus manages to take familiar sounds from past decades and twist them to fit his peculiar sensibilities, landing somewhere at the nexus of nostalgia and forward-thinking genius. It's a beautiful mess of an album; a tangent-jumping patchwork of kitsch mixed with a delirious attention to detail, the kind of thing Phil Spector might dream up while smoking out with Zappa and Beefheart on the Sunset Strip. Anti-pop? Ludicrous? Poking fun at our obsession with pop stars? Sure, it's all of that and more. Hilarious, bizarre, and irresistibly addicting.
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