Best Films of 2013

2013 was such an incredibly strong year for film that whittling things down to a mere 25 was an arduous task, but ultimately a rewarding one. I was a bit disappointed that my list didn't feature any mainstream Hollywood movies (contrary to popular opinion, I'm not THAT much of an indie elitist), but it seems as if I went even further off the cinematic grid than year's past. Without further ado, here are my 25 favorite films of 2013!

Best Films of 2013


Bold, brilliant, and just plain strange, director Romain Gavras (son of the legendary filmmaker Costa-Gavras) has crafted a movie that dapples in social commentary and xenophobia, but that nonetheless plays as a road picture with a healthy dose of mordant dark humor. Vincent Cassell gives an explosive, unhinged performance as a creepy guidance counselor and Oliver Barthelemy is appropriately defensive and blank as a red-headed teenager seeking a life away from the trauma of bullying. Vibrant, hilarious, disturbing, and unpredictable.

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