Best Films of 2013

2013 was such an incredibly strong year for film that whittling things down to a mere 25 was an arduous task, but ultimately a rewarding one. I was a bit disappointed that my list didn't feature any mainstream Hollywood movies (contrary to popular opinion, I'm not THAT much of an indie elitist), but it seems as if I went even further off the cinematic grid than year's past. Without further ado, here are my 25 favorite films of 2013!

Best Films of 2013


Francois Ozon's adaptation of Juan Mayorga's play meshes the mood of a Hichcockian thriller with the playful zip of a grand melodrama to hypnotic effect. Centering on a bored French Literature teacher who takes a keen interest in a sixteen-year-old student's writings concerning his infiltration of a classmate's family, this ingenious gem interweaves fact, fiction, and voyeurism into a rich tapestry that upends expectations at nearly every turn. An amusingly dense film that never dips into winking farce, but instead deepens it's character's flaws and emerges as a rather provocative deconstruction of the art of storytelling.

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