Best Films of 2013

2013 was such an incredibly strong year for film that whittling things down to a mere 25 was an arduous task, but ultimately a rewarding one. I was a bit disappointed that my list didn't feature any mainstream Hollywood movies (contrary to popular opinion, I'm not THAT much of an indie elitist), but it seems as if I went even further off the cinematic grid than year's past. Without further ado, here are my 25 favorite films of 2013!

Best Films of 2013


A visually astonishing picture that confirms Shane Carruth, who previously became a cult icon with 2004's time-traveling flick Primer, as a supremely confident auteur pushing the cinematic envelope well past the breaking point. Amy Seimetz gives a heart-wrenching performance as a woman losing her grip on reality, and Carruth layers his nonlinear love story/body horror thriller with a reckless visual abandon. A densely fascinating vision of mind-altering plants, body-eating worms, David Thoreau excerpts, and yes, even pigs. Rapturous, confounding, and deeply felt cinema.

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