Best Albums of 2013

This is a list documenting my most beloved albums of 2013. It is not a window into my soul or a reason to lambast Kayne West, Daft Punk, or Vampire Weekend for making wildly overpraised albums. Alright, maybe there's a little bit of that, but what's most interesting is the absence of that full-blown masterpiece early on that made the race to the top a foregone conclusion. So, without further ado, here are my favorite records of 2013!

Best Albums of 2013


John Bafus, Drew Walker, and Barry McDanie's dizzying ode to all things experimental; from the math-punk tenacity of Cap N' Jazz to the free-jazz goofiness of Mr. Bungle, is a hugely rewarding mixture of styles. Improvisational madness that still finds room for groove and melody. A bizarro prog-pop masterpiece.

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