Best Albums of 2013

This is a list documenting my most beloved albums of 2013. It is not a window into my soul or a reason to lambast Kayne West, Daft Punk, or Vampire Weekend for making wildly overpraised albums. Alright, maybe there's a little bit of that, but what's most interesting is the absence of that full-blown masterpiece early on that made the race to the top a foregone conclusion. So, without further ado, here are my favorite records of 2013!

Best Albums of 2013


Culled from various cassette tapes by a Portland trio who combine the lo-fi spunk of garage rock with the brevity and ethos of punk, this deceptive little gem sneaks up on you. Singer Rafael Spielman yelps, hollers, and coos over the course of 12 tracks, with the music alternating between reverb-drenched psych rock, laconic garage-pop jauntiness, and cranky lo-fi punk. It's an impressive stew of influences; ranging from Wipers, Dead Moon, and early New Zealand Flying Nun pop, and just as magnetic.

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