Best Albums of 2013

This is a list documenting my most beloved albums of 2013. It is not a window into my soul or a reason to lambast Kayne West, Daft Punk, or Vampire Weekend for making wildly overpraised albums. Alright, maybe there's a little bit of that, but what's most interesting is the absence of that full-blown masterpiece early on that made the race to the top a foregone conclusion. So, without further ado, here are my favorite records of 2013!

Best Albums of 2013


Experimental, playful, and in love with acid-burnt psychedelia and rambling folk, Julian Lynch's elliptical home recordings finally get the outlet they deserve. At times, the hushed vocals get buried in a sea of finger-picking, drunken sax, tambourines, and endless drum loops, but this is a work of shifting, almost boundless atmosphere. As such, it is an essential work of art that places an importance on musical ethnicity over standard song structure.

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