Best Albums of 2013

This is a list documenting my most beloved albums of 2013. It is not a window into my soul or a reason to lambast Kayne West, Daft Punk, or Vampire Weekend for making wildly overpraised albums. Alright, maybe there's a little bit of that, but what's most interesting is the absence of that full-blown masterpiece early on that made the race to the top a foregone conclusion. So, without further ado, here are my favorite records of 2013!

Best Albums of 2013

ALTAR OF PLAGUES Teethed Glory and Injury

A dense combination of post-rock mood and black metal intensity, Ireland's Altar of Plagues take big risks within a musical niche most often characterized by conformity. Repetitious drums explode like crescendoing volcanos. Shrieked vocals claw their way through overwhelming guitar drone. Avant-garde jazz interludes weave around frenzied synths and blackened distortion. A beautiful synthesis of crushing heaviness and slowly building tranquility. Demanding, punishing, and awe-inspiring.

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