Best Albums of 2013

This is a list documenting my most beloved albums of 2013. It is not a window into my soul or a reason to lambast Kayne West, Daft Punk, or Vampire Weekend for making wildly overpraised albums. Alright, maybe there's a little bit of that, but what's most interesting is the absence of that full-blown masterpiece early on that made the race to the top a foregone conclusion. So, without further ado, here are my favorite records of 2013!

Best Albums of 2013

FROG EYES Carrey Cold Springs

A haunting response to death and overwhelming human loneliness that nevertheless ranks as Frog Eyes's most hopeful album to date, this extraordinary work from veteran troubadour Carey Mercer is the sound of an artist being laid bare for his art. Diagnosed with throat cancer prior to recording, Mercer uses his stunning low register to howl at the fragility of mortality and in turns creates something singular. Frog Eyes have been making noisy art-rock since the early 2000's and Mercer himself has had other side projects (Blackout Beach, Swan Lake), but this seems to be what he's been building towards all along. With Kayne West and Vampire Weekend receiving nearly unanimous year-end praise from critics, it's the sound of Mercer's tortured wail, so distinctive and yet so fragile, that lingers most.

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