Music Pick of the Week

Has A Shadow

Sorrow Tomorrow

Year of release: 2017

Dark wave psychedelia? Lo-fi Goth post-punk? Synth-driven metallic shoegaze? Mexico natives Has A Shadow do the genre-shifting thing with noisy aplomb on their sophomore album Sorrow Tomorrow, and whatever description one might have for their sound, there's no question they deliver the grime.

Slabs of guitar distortion slice in between kooky organs, reverberation, and muddled vocals, resulting in a sonic assault both abrasive and sleepy. There's a garage rock psychedelic sprawl to songs like "Not Even Human" and "World Sensation" which compliment more spacey, droning cuts like "Vampire Kiss" and "Sorrow". Influences such as Kraftwerk, Suicide, and Sisters of Mercy crop up, but Has A Shadow manage their own unique industrial sound which rules on rumbling speakers as well as immersive headphones. Dark, rhythmic, and as lovely as a bottomless pit.