Music Pick of the Week

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Nonagon Infinity

Year of Release: 2016

Melbourne psych/garage/stoner group with the absurdly long name have been churning out albums for the past few years now; 2012's psych stomper Bar Bruise, 2014's appropriately titled I'm In Your Mind Fuzz, and prog-influenced folksy opus Paper Mache Dream Balloon have all showcased the band's willingness to experiment. Their latest effort, Nonagon Infinity, is their most ambitious and heavy record to date. If previous material relied a bit too much on fuzzy garage rock, ala Thee Oh Sees, this one shreds and rumbles like something from Motorhead and Hawkwind; with an emphasis on Krautrock-style jams.

Expertly constructed and arranged, with nine tracks bleeding into one another, Nonagon Inifinity rips with jackhammer guitar licks, rampaging drumming, and mantra-like vocals which cycle like a sonic loop. This sense of the music having no logical beginning and end point creates a situation where one is caught inside the whirling energy of the thing as a whole; with riffs, melodies, and lyrical motifs cropping up, disappearing, and then coming back again. More than simply a bong-rip pastiche of Woodstock-era psychedelia, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard really do maintain control over their concept and Nonagon Infinity is one gonzo ride that never spirals into an all-out bad trip.