Music Pick of the Week

Teksti-TV 666

1, 2, 3

Year of release: 2016


A Finnish seven-piece with five or more guitarists ripping into krautrock jams with a dash of Sonic Youth-influenced shoegaze and pummeling psychedelic garage stomp? Yes, please. A collection of their first three EPs, Teksti-TV 666 (yes, that is the band's actual name; they are from Finland, after all), 1, 2, 3 is a barnstorming collection of tunes which often build from fairly simple chord progressions into fuzzed-out anthems sung in their native tongue. The vocals are often buried in distorted dissonance, but the guitars don't become mired in feedback loops. Instead, melodic lines weave in between the lo-fi walls of noise; creating a situation where the music often sprawls, but the melodies remain intact.

There's been a significant psych/garage rock revival occurring over the past decade, and much of it is disposable or downright derivative. Teksti-TV 666 may inevitably draw comparisons to older acts like Sonic Youth, Slow Dive, Neu! or newer revisionist bands such as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, but what sets them apart, at least currently, is their absolute commitment to anarchic intensity. There's a surge of energy here and technical virtuosity which never feels gimmicky, but instead comes across like a bunch of dudes simply ripping hard, and 1, 2, 3 absolutely captures the feeling of being trapped in a Finnish basement of sonic overload.