Music Pick of the Week


Exhausting Fire

Year of Release: 2015

On their seventh album, Savannah stoner metal stalwarts Kylesa take a step even further into the realm of psych alt-metal which started cropping up on 2013's Ultraviolet. Here, founding members Phillip Cope and Laura Pleasants (who trade off on vocals) take everything they've amassed during their formidable career; including the sludgy stoner punk of 2010's Spiral Shadow and the aforementioned 90s alt-rock stylings of Ultraviolet, and cram them into one hellish stew of visceral metal goodness. Aided by bassist Chase Rudeseal and drummer Carl McGinley, the band keep things accessibly hard-hitting while also allowing for some progressive experimentation. There's thick riffs, hazy feedback, odd guitar tuning, and the typical aggressive vocals mixed in with more ethereal crooning courtesy of Pleasants; but mostly, Exhausting Fire simply reconfirms Kylesa are one of the most consistently impressive metal bands out there right now.