Music Pick of the Week

 It Only Gets Worse

Christian Country Home

Year of Release: 2015

One of the year's genuine triumphs; an atmospheric, immersive, and daringly bleak record that lulls you by whispering softly, only to eventually gnaw at your bleeding eardrums. A collaboration between Alabama-based spoken word artist Matt Finney and ambient Dutch musician Mories, who partnered up in 2014 for EP Creation Myths and earlier this year with Love Songs, Christian Country Home is the ultimate synthesis of their creative powers. If Creation Myths was a drone-induced nightmare and Love Songs a percussive REM heartbeat, then their latest is what occurs happens after you wake up. Taking the atonal glitches from their last pairing and amping up the analog synth soundscapes with even more attention to Finney's despairing wordplay, this is the sound of the clouds opening up to swallow all of our trite, meaningless observations. There's experimental trip-hop-like grooves ("Young"), Apex Twin-influenced electro racket ("Black Metal Imagery"), and droning, piano-laden walls of sound ("Late in the Game"), but the album is at it's best whenever Finney breaks through with his patented world-weary vocals. If, as he states on the aforementioned "Late in the Game", he stayed up late writing lyrics for an album only a handful of people will listen to, then his keen self-deprecation has been successfully channeled into something that everyone should listen to, patiently, and with headphones on. Additionally, when the record's gorgeously soulful and crushingly sad title track finally reaches it's apex, you will find yourself reeling in shock that both beauty and pain can coexist so effortlessly.