Music Pick of the Week

Young Fathers

White Men are Black Men Too

Year of Release: 2015

Brimming with raw energy and genre-blurring brio, White Men are Black Men too is the sound of Scotland trio Young Fathers brushing off their Mercury Prize-winning debut Dead for something more left-field. Trying to pigeonhole their sound may be foolish; everything from hip-hop, R & B, world music, avant-garde pop and industrial/noise rock gets thrown into the mix, but there's no denying that the results have a discordant kind of brilliance. Recorded on-the-fly in hotel rooms and studio apartments, the album has a tactile elasticity; coming off like a DIY mixtape of spontaneous outbursts and layered pop experiments. Additionally, the members' Nigerian and Liberian heritage is keenly felt throughout, with percussive tribal rhythms making this 39-minutes of pop fusion which dazzlingly walks the genre tight rope.