Movie Pick of the Week


Something, Anything

Director: Paul Harrill

Year of Release: 2014

Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

Paul Harrill's debut feature is that rarest of all things in the film universe; a story about an adult woman coming to terms with spiritual yearnings while trying to find her place in the world. Following a Knoxville, Tennessee realtor named Peggy (Ashley Shelton), whose middle-class home life with a successful businessman husband (Bryce Johnson) in tow comes unglued after a miscarriage, Harrill's film excels by simply showing how this particular character navigates contradictory impulses. Drawn to a Trappist monastery and finding a childhood friend, Ashley gradually removes every distraction from her life and moves into the arena of contemplation. As a film, Something, Anything also moves into a contemplative take on what would have been a Lifetime-style Eat, Pray, Love vehicle if made by a Hollywood studio. Instead, Shelton's strikingly naturalistic performance and Harrill's subtle direction means that the film boldly shows us large stretches of screen time where a woman sits alone in silence, without the need to punctuate the plot with unnecessary tangents where she goes off "to find herself." In it's own unobtrusive, spiritually astute manner, Something, Anything is something of a miracle.