Music Pick of the Week

Dan Deacon

Glass Riffer

Year of Release: 2015

Dan Deacon, that cheeky purveyor of ADD-imbued digital wankery, is at it again with Glass Riffer; an album that takes a more cohesively pop-oriented approach than anything he's attempted yet. Forgoing the orchestral flourishes found on 2012's ambitious America for the more processed knob-twiddling of some of his older work, Gliss Riffer is at once familiar and entirely novel. Lyrically, Deacon has never been that interested in bearing his soul, choosing instead to hide his voice behind vocoder effects and chipmunks-style pitch-shifting, and while there's plenty of warped vocals on tracks like "When I Was Done Dying" and "Meme Generator", there's an emotional honesty that marks a real forward step in terms of maturity. Sure, the electronic overhaul we've come to expect from him is here in full force here; from sequenced beats, strange noises, vintage keyboard washes, and high-pitched vocals, but there's less winking going on. In a way, Glass Riffer marks a step away from the more vast soundscapes of America, returning Deacon to where he belongs; inside a fog-drenched, strobe-lit dance floor for epileptics.