Episode 2: The Pop Group, Protomartyr, and the Death of the Rock Band

For the second episode, I get into the idea concerning the death of the rock band and the vanishing act surrounding the rock star. Two of my favorite records from 2015 are highlighted; The Pop Group’s “Citizen Zombie”, and Protomartyr’s “The Agent Intellect”, both of which exemplified a rare attention to aspects lacking from current rock music. I also briefly mention rappers as the new millennial rock stars, indie bands embracing the pop zeitgeist, and ponder where, oh where, did all the fucking guitars go?

“Citizen Zombie” by The Pop Group
“Mad Truth” by The Pop Group
“Jeepster” by Marc Bolan
“I Forgive You” by Protomartyr
“The Immaculate Deception” by The Pop Group

The idea behind THE SYMBIOTIC PODCAST is an excuse for the host and creator, Jericho Cerrona, to monologue on various topics involving film and music culture, with the eventual hope of entertaining conversations with guests. Basically, one man awkwardly speaking into a microphone in isolation talking trends, themes, and conversational talking points within the realm of film and music while occasionally playing some tunes. So, grab some boxed mac and cheese, sip that scalding Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, and prepare yourself for the auditory experience that is THE SYMBIOTIC PODCAST. Just don’t expect true crime reveals or a string of panelists with over-empathic voices.